Albuquerque Comic Con 2016: Photos From the Floor

Albuquerque Comic Con 2016 can be considered they year that I mastered getting the shoots I wanted from the floor. The trick that I always knew would work is to slow down. The mistake I’ve always made was not wait on the focus to catch before hitting in the shutter. The images came out tack sharp with that classic subject isolation I’ve become known for. What made Albuquerque Comic Con 2016 so successful was just the atmosphere. Over the past couple of years I’ve made friends with so many attendee’s artist and vendors that it becomes more of a hangout sessions with people you don’t get to see every day.

Harley and Deadpool get Naughty at Albuquerque Comic Con

When working with new people you never quite know what you’re going to get. Sometimes you get somebody who’s a little shy and reserved and you have to slowly get them out of their shell to get the shots you want and others Jump right into character and start giving different things to work with on a shoot. The later of which was Holly Rebelle and Kit Kombat who jumped right in for our shoot at Albuquerque Comic Con and slap me in the face with their confidence and freeing personality. Normally when I shoot I like to keep things a little slow and reserved but in this case the tempo was so high that shoot was over almost before I knew it.


Girls of Geek Make Albuquerque Comic Con Their Wonderland.

Out in a little corner of the Albuquerque Convention Center way from all the warm and low tungsten lighting lays a stair well with a corridor that hold giant windows letting in all the natural light you could ever want. That’s were I was able to transport the Girls of Geek to get some shots of them as Alice in Wonderland Characters for the last Day of Albuquerque Comic Con. I enjoyed how each one of their outfits made since next to each other but could stand alone on their own as identifiable characters. I love working with the Girls of Geek and working with soft natural light so this set of images in my mind are almost perfect.


New Mexico Snow Leads to Photo Op With Emilie

New Mexico got hit with one of the more ridiculous snow storms in recent history and me and my girlfriend Emilie took that opportunity to show off some of her new winter clothes that she got over the holidays. We went to a small trail near our home and just did quick shoot and the images came out so beautiful. It goes to show that you don’t have to make shoots super complicated. A model a location and a camera are the ingredients and with some creativity you can create some gorgeous images.

Desert Darlings Belly Dance Take On Nightmare Before Christmas: Performance Shooting.

Shooting performances is one of the biggest challenges any photographer has to face. Low light, moving subjects, limited mobility to adjust your shooting angles. Everything is against you and it is probably the best opportunity  to test your skills as a photographer. The stage is set for the viewing experience, not to be convenient for photography. Lights are dim and jelled heavily and  you’re shooting  from where ever you can be out ever you can be out of the performers and audiences way (if you’re a polite photographer.) Over coming these challenges takes know how, creativity and a little luck. All these things come together to put together wonderful images.

All of this was on display for the Desert Darlings Belly Dance performance of Nightmare Before Christmas. While the Performance was amazing the conditions for shooting were less than desirable. I would have to move between scenes, Bump my ISO, stay close to wide open on my aperture and just hope I can pull what I wanted out of the Raws. Over all I’m happy with the images that I got. and even more pleased with being able to capture a wonderful performance