Desert Mermaid with Mary Jane Monroe

I don’t often consider my photos to be very “High Concept” or even art sometimes. In fact i have to tell models I work with all the time that I am terrible with coming up with ideas and concepts. I sometimes even have a hard time calling my artist because of this. I get around this by thinking of myself as more of an improve artist making things up as I go along instead of having a ton of prep time behind something. Lucky for me the recent shoot I did with Mary Jane Monroe had the high concept feel to it because of her own ideas all I really had to do was shoot. One thing that I differently in this shoot was try to implement scenery a bit more in the shots which is something that I  need to work on but came out quite well in the finished product.


Getting back into the swing of Modeling with Crystal Sedillo

Sometimes we get away from doing certain hobbies or activities for one reason or another. Heavy work scheduled, lack of motivation/inspiration and sometimes just lack of opportunity all contribute to this. In Crystal Sedillo’s case having a Kid is a pretty legit excuse to getting away from modeling for a little while. I’ve known Crystal for years now and her husband Orlando has done a lot of my tattoo work so when she wanted to get back into modeling I reached out to help get her back into the swing of it. Crystal brings with her a list of Features that compliment my style of photography specifically her tattoo work and her Alt Model Style. Those things works well with the way I like to process my photos, especially the way I use contrast and colors it allow all of her tattoos to really pop. Over all I really loved this shoot and I hope that  I get to work with Crystal again on something a bit more high concept in the future.

Batmanda and Jacqui Daniels Slumber Party.

If you’re not having fun at a photo shoot than you are not doing right. Fun is such and important aspect to a shoot and if a shoot lacks the energy necessary to get good authentic images. I have been very fortunate over the last couple of years to get to work with some talented individuals who I also consider to be close friends who are quick to call on me for impromptu shoot situations. For this shoot I was dealing with some difficult lighting situations and  shooting two people at once is a challenge computationally. But all said in done it was an incredibly fun shoot to do.  The biggest thing I value in Photos is personality and when the personality of the subjects and the photographer mix just right magic happens.


Burlesque, Cosplay and the Wonderfully Weird Combination.

Burlesque is without doubt one of the hardest things out there to shoot in a live setting. The lighting setups are unforgiving, the energy is always up and all the different performances have different pacing which come with their own set of challenges. Challenges can be frustrating especially when it comes to photography but if you don’t push yourself you can never see yourself grow and if shooting burlesque has done anything is allow to grow as a photographer. That being said it is incredibly rewarding. Despite the over loaded SD Cards, Drained Batteries and the time spent culling all the images down in post you don’t get to test your skills as a photographer more than you will at a burlesque show.

So why shoot this burlesque show if it is so difficult? Well besides being a fun challenge and a buffet of  aesthetic stimulation this performance had that added layer of being a Cosplay related event which many of you may know is actually where I got my start in Photography. These Burlesque (or Nerdlesque) acts were a mix of creative imagery from the media that I have been consuming my entire life made for a very festive event that included some wonderful moments throughout (and of course attractive confident people taking their clothes off.)